Roof Maintenance Programs

Roof Maintenance Programs provide the best approach to maximizing the value of your roofing investment by extending roof life and deferring costly roof replacements.  A well designed roof maintenance program also allows you to budget roof repair and replacement costs well in advance with a long term financial plan. With a long term financial plan you can also see the real "cost of neglect" because you can easily calculate the cost of roof replacement that will accelerate if maintenance and replacements are not done on schedule.

Emergency & Repair Services

Adam Bradley Enterprises can also provide emergency leak response services to help correct and record the history of leaks or other roof problems.  Upon inspection of leaks Adam Bradley Enterprises can provide preventative maintenance services to help prevent new leaks from occurring.  Often times the repair and maintenance services can be provided at the same time to significantly reduce overall costs.


Warranty Compliance & Claims Assistance

Most manufacturer's roof warranties require annual or biannual inspections and routine maintenance to stay valid.  Adam Bradley Enterprises can provide you with a complete warranty compliance plan that is customized to meet the specific requirements of your warranty and keep your warranty coverage in effect.  We can also assist in filing claims with the material manufacturer, when appropriate, making warranty repair seamless and cost free to the building owner (whenever applicable).


management Services

Helping Institutions, Building Owners, and commercial Real estate service firms Manage Physical Assets 

Comprehensive Roof Management Services

CRM is Adam Bradley Enterprises' comprehensive roof management solution that offers a doubly powerful approach to managing your roofing systems.  CRM combines the latest in database development, mobile technology, and hands on roof management expertise in order to bring your organization a scalable and customizable management solution.


Visual Roof Inspections

Periodic visual inspections and proper repairs made to deficient conditions can greatly increase the service life of any roof assembly and therefore reduce life cycle costs.

Our qualified roof inspectors walk over the entire roof area looking for and photographing all observed deficiencies and documenting what they have found in our CRM Database.  The roofing expertise of our inspectors allows them to find not only the obvious deficiencies, but also the "not-so-obvious" which could cause significant problems and even premature roof system failure. 


Infrared & Capacitance Moisture Surveys

An Infrared Analysis is used to detect moisture trapped in the insulation of your roof system. Our trained specialists will use the latest Infrared Cameras to detect the moisture in your roof system, take a photo of the problem area(s), and outline the wet insulation on the roof surface as well as in our CRM Database. The information gathered allows for economical targeted repairs or replacements.

It is key to detect moisture in the roof system as soon as possible before it begins to deteriorate other roofing components such as the deck, fasteners, and the roof membrane itself.  An Infrared Analysis will provide you with the information needed to determine if only a minor repair is required or if the whole roof needs to be replaced.  Not replacing a roof that only needs repairs can easily save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary costs.

Where Infrared Scans are not appropriate, a moisture survey utilizing a capacitance meter to take moisture readings on a grid pattern that is laid out on the roof can be used to provide the same information and benefits of an infrared scan.