Quality Assurance

Having a roof replaced or a new roof installed? Don't build problems into your new roof.  Let one of our qualified inspectors monitor and record the progress of any roof project.  We will observe work in progress to monitor whether the project specification and requirements are being followed during the construction process, as well as conducting a final inspection to verify that the roof project was completed to the specified standards.

Document Review

Adam Bradley Enterprises can review your roofing documents to ensure that they meet industry and manufacturer's standards.  There are hundreds of roofing systems on the market today so it is difficult to keep up with them all. Particularly if you are a design professional who is looking at other building systems as well.  Our project managers can review the drawings to look at roofing application, detail, requirements, warranty standards, code / insurance requirements, and overall design consistency.  We can also provide quality control in the documentation and ensure a precise and consistent scope of work for contractors to bid on. 

Consulting Services

Financial Planning Services

Adam Bradley Enterprises can provide reports that include detailed roof lifecycle cost analysis over a twenty to thirty year period, capital and expense budgeting for up to ten years, and a complete history of past expenditures.  This type of analysis can aid you in the decision making process by giving you a clear picture of the true cost of ownership and the expected value of any planned repairs and maintenance.


Project Management & Construction Administration

Let us provide the information you need to make a fully informed decision and help you choose the right roofing system for your specific situation.  Our Project Management & Construction Administration starts with a due diligence inspection to determine the optimum course of action based on the current condition of the roof and your specific budgets and goals. After the inspection we prepare all the required project documents necessary for you to take the project out to bid.  We then help you manage the pre-bid meetings and bid review process to ensure that you get the most qualified bids on your project.  During construction we monitor the project and hold project meetings to ensure all your needs are met.  In the end, we make sure that all project requirements are met, the project was carried out according to the specifications and plans, and your project was completed properly and according to specifications and manufacturer requirements.

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